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Maggi Leise, P.T.


Maggi is a licensed Physical Therapist, specializing in sports-medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation.  She began her career in an Olympic weight-lifting facility immediately upon graduating from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000.  Working with Olympians allowed Maggi to identify the differences in weightlifting and training requirements between men and women, which led Maggi to begin her 12 year journey researching and teaching Women's Health rehabilitation and fitness training.  During this journey, Maggi was fortunate to return to her Performing Arts roots by dusting off her tights and pink tap shoes.  She founder herself at home back in the studio when she began teaching tap dance and choreographing for competitions.

An unexpected family medical issue halted Maggi's vision of spreading her passion for positivity, love of performing arts, and belief in physical wellness.  Maggi and her family tightened up their cocoon and focused on each other for the next several years.  When prayers were answered with unimaginable blessing of health, Maggi slowly found her way back to where she was meant to be . . . sharing her expertise and life lessons with our young athletes.  

Prism Performance is SO much more than fitness training.  Being a prime athlete is more than solely physical capabilities.  It also includes sportsmanship, disappointments, celebrations, teamwork, and honest self-reflection.  Prism Performance has been born out of the Leise family word Kindness.  "Be kind to me, be kind to those around you, but most importantly, be kind to yourself."  Our minds and bodies function  much more fluidly when we stop beating ourselves up over what we cannot do (yet) and start appreciating what we can do.

Maggi strives to elevate our athletes physically, but also to mold them into well-rounded humans who can handle life's speedbumps gracefully.

It is so fortunate for Maggi that she is married to a very patient man, and together they have four really cool daughters.

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